February 1st, 2009


Yay for the first post on here in 44 weeks!!!! Since Matt has been posting more and I had a great weekend I thought I would post a little something on here.

This weekend: My friends from down the hall had their sister(Nicole) and her fiance(Jacob) come over here for "Sibs and kids" weekend. Friday night we ate at Red Robin and then saw the movie Taken, which is really bad ass. On Saturday we went to the mall and shopped for a couple of hours then went to B Dub's to eat. Jacob convinced us to go there and watch UFC 94. I have never seen any restaurant so packed in my life, we had to wait an hour and a half for a table; plus they locked the doors because they were at capacity. Needless to say the fights were really awesome and I ate 20 wings and was so full. The only downer was that the Cardinals lost the Super Bowl :(

Life is general is going great for me right now. Me, Carl(my roommate), our friends down the hall(Tyler and Zach), and Tyler's girlfriend Lauryn are getting an apartment next year. So if anyone wants to come down on a weekend and party we can legally do it, except the underage factor;). Classes are so much better this semester than last its almost impossible to describe. We are also on an intramural basketball team and have 2 wins and looking to add 2 more tomorrow night.

Also as a side note there might be a special girl I have my eye on :D
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